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Simplifying hospital payments

In collaboration with Mastercard, we have further developed our payment solution. Our customers can now benefit from a comprehensive overview and automated payment management in our payment application, Payment Manager.

Simplifying hospital payments includes, among other things, the automatic dispatch of e-Invoices, a full overview of payment claims with invoice statuses, and the ability to send automatic reminders. The aim is to achieve additional efficiency and cost savings for both patients and the healthcare facility by adopting DNV Imatis’ payment solution. This will be particularly advantageous for the accounting departments, which often have responsibility for these payment follow-up processes.

Simplifying hospital payments
Mastercard and DNV Imatis have closely collaborated with the goal of developing efficient and automated payment tools

Over a period, Mastercard and DNV Imatis have closely collaborated with the goal of developing efficient and automated payment tools for patients who need to pay co-payments for hospital visits. We are now very pleased to announce that part of this solution has been implemented at Telemark Hospital, and that the launch has been successful. The same solution will gradually be introduced at all hospitals in South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority in the coming time.

What does simplifying hospital payments mean for the patients?

With this solution, patients can easily register their arrival and pay their co-payment upon departure directly from their own smartphone or using self-service check-in machines. This provides healthcare personnel with immediate information that the patient has arrived and ensures a smooth and efficient check-in process.

When the hospital visit is over, any co-payments will be automatically calculated, and the patient can easily make the payment from their mobile phone at their convenience. In case someone forgets to pay, the system will send friendly reminders via SMS to help patients keep track of their payments. The system has been developed so that multiple processes can be automated and implemented as needed.

Enhancing the payment experience

The goal of this collaboration between Mastercard and DNV Imatis is to make the experience for patients at hospitals more convenient and practical while streamlining the administration of co-payments. We look forward to expanding this solution to more healthcare institutions to enhance the patient experience throughout the entire health region. The hospitals have recently acquired a new payment partner through DNB, and we have therefore ensured that the system is online-connected with the bank, so the automated process also includes that the hospital receives payment directly into their account without delay. DNV Imatis’ Payment Manager provides a detailed overview of all transactions and the ability to monitor the entire process in real-time.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Mastercard, DNB, and, not least, all those involved at Vestre Viken Hospital, Telemark Hospital, and Sykehuspartner.