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The Fundamentum Platform

DNV Imatis has developed an intelligent platform that digitalises and automates work processes using data from both existing and new systems. The platform, which is called Fundamentum, provides a framework for building lightweight applications that support current and new workflows as well as having other features.

The Fundamentum platform functions as IT architecture for hospitals, local authorities, hospital trusts and community nursing services. Its integration and messaging engines are linked to existing heavyweight systems (patient-centric solutions, control systems, clinical applications and systems for facilities administration). By building lightweight applications on top of existing heavyweight systems, you can capitalise on existing IT investments without having to make changes, simply by layering DNV Imatis solutions on top of the existing infrastructure. You can use Fundamentum to present the data needed by the user in a suitable work platform, whether it is an online portal, a mobile app or a digital whiteboard. This makes it possible to add the capability for workflow functionality and the triggering of alarms to existing systems.

the fundamentum platform

The Fundamentum platform administers nurse calls and emergency alarms and ensures that the correct information is sent to the appropriate member of staff regardless of location or unit. The platform also fully supports service functions and support services such as security staff, technical services, orderly services, cleaners and catering staff.

All staff can access the same user interface no matter what heavyweight systems are installed. DNV Imatis has developed adaptors and integration products that comply with international standards, including several market leaders within the EPR, RIS, PAS and LAB systems. We also have extensive experience in the integration of control systems such as those of Honeywell, ABB, Johnson Control and Siemens.


The Fundamentum platform can be installed locally, in central data centres or in a cloud environment. This permits collaboration across hospitals, local authorities and community nursing services.

The unique opportunity to make continuous configurations means that you do not need to wait for a new or updated version of the solution to adapt work processes to current needs.

Many of our customers have tested the opportunities the platform offers for swift inclusion of useful tools in both the municipal healthcare and hospital sectors. The apps can be distributed via our web-based ecosystem of applications, and they are currently being used by national and international hospitals as well as various Norwegian local authorities.


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