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Radiumhospitalet launches self-check-in and payment solution

Radiumhospitalet is one of the four campuses of Oslo University Hospital in Oslo, and is Norway's leading cancer treatment hospital. In addition to patient care, cancer research is also conducted. The gynecological outpatient clinic at the hospital has now implemented digital solutions for self-check-in and payment to improve the overall experience of the visit for patients.

With the new self-check-in and payment solution, patients can now register themselves upon arrival at the gynecological outpatient clinic and perform digital payment when they leave. This offering provides benefits to both patients and the hospital, including better visibility into estimated wait times.

Radiumhospitalet launches self-check-in and payment solution

How does it work?

  1. Two hours before the scheduled appointment, patients receive an SMS informing them to check in upon arrival.

  2. Patients can easily register via their mobile phones by following the link in the SMS.

  3. Patients who have not consented to SMS communication, or are under 18 years old, cannot check in via SMS. For those to whom this applies, check-in can be done without further authentification via tablets available at the clinic’s counter.

  4. Patients receive an SMS alert as the appointment time approaches, providing information about which waiting area to go to. A new SMS with instructions to proceed to the treatment room will occur when the healthcare provider is ready.

  5. After the appointment, patients receive an SMS with payment information that can be handled through mobile payment solutions or an invoice.

It’s important to note that while the digital self-check-in and payment solution is offered as the standard option, Radiumhospitalet still maintains the option of checking in at the counter for patients who prefer this method. Patients can still approach the counter for other inquiries, including appointment scheduling, arranging transportation, and more.

Both the hospital and we at DNV Imatis look forward to following the developments in the times to come.


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