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Self-check-in and payment at Drammen Eye Outpatient Clinic

The Eye Outpatient Clinic at Drammen Hospital, Norway, has just introduced a new digital check-in and payment solution for patients. This offers several advantages for patients.

You can now register yourself when you arrive at the Eye Outpatient Clinic and make a digital payment when you leave. The solution provides a better overview of estimated waiting times, while also allowing the hospital to notify patients via mobile if there are any delays.

Self-check-in and payment at Drammen Eye Outpatient Clinic

Self-check-in and digital payment

Patients can now register themselves upon arrival at the hospital and make a digital payment when leaving the outpatient clinic.

Improved overview and notifications

The solution gives patients a better understanding of the waiting times, and the hospital can notify patients via mobile in case of delays.

Check-in process

Two hours before the scheduled appointment, patients receive an SMS instructing them to check in upon arrival at the hospital. It’s important to wait with the check-in until you are physically present at the hospital.

Mobile registration

Patients can register via their mobile phones by following the link in the SMS message. Authentication is required to use this service.

Alternative check-in

Patients who have not consented to SMS communication with the hospital or are under 18 years old, cannot check in via SMS. They can use tablets available at the clinic’s counter for check-in, and authentication is not necessary for this method.

Appointment reminders

Patients receive SMS reminders as their appointment time approaches, providing information about which waiting area they should go to. When the healthcare provider is ready to see them, they receive a new SMS with instructions to proceed to the treatment room.

Simple payment

After the appointment, patients do not need to visit the counter to make a payment. They receive an SMS with payment information that can be made via mobile pay solutions, invoice or e-invoice, and no fees are incurred if payment is made within 48 hours.

Counter check-in option maintained

While the digital check-in solution is offered as standard, the hospital maintains the option for counter check-in for those who prefer it. Patients can still approach the counter for other inquiries, such as scheduling appointments, requesting transportation, and more.


For many patients, self-check-in and payment at Drammen Eye Outpatient Clinic have led to increased satisfaction, and we look forward to following the developments in the times to come.