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Royal Adelaide Hospital

South Australia's largest hospital. With over 800 beds, the RAH provides tertiary health care services for South Australia and provides secondary care clinical services to residents of Adelaide's city centre and inner suburbs. It’s also the premier University Hospital in South Australia.


After a 2009 visit from Australian Health ministers to St. Olav Hospital in Norway, it was decided to build a digital hospital based on best practices from Norway.

The scope for new Royal Adelaide Hospital was to integrate communication, telecom, workflow, clinical applications, service management, patient bedside TV, room displays, patient flow digital whiteboards, self-check in services, signage solutions, fire alarms, automated guided vehicles for goods transport & management, nurse calls & alarms; into one single, unified system.

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DNV Imatis’ Visit solution is used for self check-ins at kiosks or for manual arrival registration. The patient interface provides appointment reminders, arrival check-in functionality, and a seamless flow of communication before, during and after appointments. It also gives patients quick access to information about meeting locations, and navigation to help them find their way on time. The solution provides hospital staff with a critical overview of the status of patient appointments, responsible roles for further treatment, and tools to track queues and waiting times.

Patient flow

Digital whiteboards have been installed on all nurse stations providing overview of nurse calls and bed statuses. The same digital whiteboards are at the same time used to assign responsible nurses to rooms or patients. Alarms and patient information are automatically forwarded to the right recipient on the ward. 

Queue management

DNV Imatis Visit queue management solution is used throughout and across all the outpatient clinics at Royal Adelaide Hospital. Patients are notified 15 minutes before their appointment to help progress patient movement to the applicable waiting area. Delays are also notified through text message to the patient.

Task management

Royal Adelaide Hospital uses wireless IP ward phones, all implemented with our mobile portal. The app has replaced the pager, and is now used for support services, nurse calls, summons, fire alarms, and basic two-way messaging. All securely tracked to ensure that messages are received by the right responsible role.

Saves Time & Effort

Smoother check-ins

More than 80% of outpatients register their arrival through self-service kiosks.

Better patient service

Better real time decisions on the hospital floor resulting in better patient service.

More accurate

Empowered as a mobile workforce with mobile solutions instead of traditional desktops, data capture has become much more accurate and timelier.

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