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Johan Folkunger new CEO

Johan Folkunger joins DNV Imatis as CEO, targeting significant international expansion


9 January 2023: DNV Imatis, the digital health company that takes friction out of healthcare operations, has welcomed Johan Folkunger as its new chief executive officer.

Folkunger brings more than 20 years of experience in leading successful global health and medical technology businesses to DNV Imatis. He is tasked with delivering the company’s international expansion and innovation strategy.

DNV Imatis accelerates digital transformation, helping clinical, logistical, and administrative teams work together more efficiently by integrating and aggregating data from all corners of a healthcare provider’s operations. The company’s solutions bring critical information together into a simple overview in real-time. This helps staff in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare practices to coordinate care, manage tasks and communicate more effectively for a seamless patient journey.

DNV Imatis solution in situation
Liv Hovem, Chair of DNV Imatis and CEO of DNV’s Accelerator
Liv Hovem, Chair of DNV Imatis and CEO of DNV’s Accelerator business area

“Johan is the right person to lead DNV Imatis through the next stage of its growth,” said Liv Hovem, Chair of DNV Imatis and CEO of DNV’s Accelerator business area. “His impressive track record of scaling technology companies in highly competitive public and private healthcare systems internationally will be critical to DNV Imatis’ ambition to become a significant player in the global digital health market.”

DNV Imatis has earned the leading position in Norway’s clinical and patient logistics market over the past two decades. Its solutions have also improved the efficiency of hospitals in Finland, Sweden, Australia, Canada and Switzerland. DNV Imatis was acquired by DNV in 2021 as part of the global assurance and risk management provider’s entry into the digital health market. DNV is using its strong brand and global infrastructure to further grow DNV Imatis internationally and introduce new products and services to the digital health sector.

Johan Folkunger new CEO
Johan Folkunger, CEO, DNV Imatis

“I am excited to join DNV Imatis, a company I have long admired for its commitment to customer-centered innovation,” said Johan Folkunger, CEO, DNV Imatis. “The DNV Imatis team has truly improved the patient and staff experience of thousands of people. Their success is grounded in their relentless pursuit to understand what healthcare professionals need to do the best job for their patients, and in their response with adaptive technologies that enable transformation with substantial impact. This heritage and culture will be the foundation for the company’s continued success.”  

Folkunger joins DNV Imatis from SpectraCure AB, the Swedish, Nasdaq-listed company developing future systems for treating interstitial solid cancer tumours, where he was CEO. He has held a broad range of leadership positions in medical technology businesses over the past two decades, including Phillips Healthcare, MedCap AB and Ortivus Group.

Founder Morten Andresen
Morten Andresen, Founder, DNV Imatis

“I’m delighted to welcome Johan to DNV Imatis. His experience of bringing the best out of commercial, technical, and operational teams – combined with his energy to solve concrete customer problems – will make him a great leader of the company. I look forward to working with him to accelerate healthcare’s digital transformation,” added Morten Andresen, Founder, DNV Imatis.

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About DNV Imatis
DNV Imatis takes friction out of healthcare operations by easily integrating and aggregating data from across healthcare operations. We bring critical information together into a simple overview, in real-time, anywhere, unlocking healthcare providers’ capacity to care. Our solutions help clinical, logistical and administrative teams work together more efficiently to make better decisions for a seamless patient journey.

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