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DNV Imatis forges partnership with GVM Servizi in Italy

We are proud and humbled to announce that we have officially entered the Italian healthcare landscape through a partnership with GVM Servizi, marking the inception of an exciting journey.

This contract involves the deployment of DNV Imatis’ solutions for Bed Management and Cleaning Services at two prominent Italian hospitals, namely Ospedale San Carlo di Nancy and Maria Cecilia Hospital, which will take place within the next six months. These two esteemed institutions will set the stage for an additional 26 hospitals across the country to follow suit in the years to come.

GVm Servizi

This milestone not only underscores DNV Imatis’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, but also demonstrates our reach and capacity to expand into new markets. The partnership with GVM Servizi represents an important step in our journey towards enabling healthcare operations improvements in Italy.

The agreement with GVM Servizi is an exciting venture that offers immense potential for both organisations.

About GVM Servizi

GVM Servizi is part of GVM Care & Research, one of the most important Italian groups active in the fields of healthcare, medical-scientific research and training, wellness and spa treatments, hotel hospitality, biomedical industry and business services.

GVM Servizi provides the Group’s companies with integrated and advanced services in three main areas: Business Organisation Services, IT Services and Cleaning Services.

Further progress

As a company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions, the focus now shifts to delivering a world-class solution tailored to the unique needs of GVM Servizi. DNV Imatis is uniquely positioned to implement solutions that will streamline hospital operations, reduce waste, and ultimately improve the quality and safety of healthcare services. Through close collaboration, DNV Imatis aims to enable GVM Group to fully leverage the potential, ensuring efficient and effective hospital operations where it applies.

We are poised to make a significant impact in Italy and eagerly anticipate working closely with GVM Servizi in the following years.



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