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DNV Imatis collects and aggregates data through integrations with all existing IT systems in your healthcare operations, and through data input manually by healthcare professionals through a suite of specific tools.

Our solutions allow healthcare workers to record information, communicate with colleagues, gain an overview of the current state of operations and act on specific tasks, all in real time, anywhere.

DNV Imatis’ lightweight platform is fast and easy, and even offers its users the power to develop their tools further and solve future healthcare workflow issues with little training. Explore our suite of solutions to learn how your healthcare operations can benefit.

FHIR integration

DNV Imatis is integrated with the Australian Digital Health Agency’s (ADHA) FHIR test environment. DNV Imatis has been provided with financial support from the Federal Directorate in order to establish and verify FHIR support for the integration and messaging platform.

The use of HL7 FHIR is in line with the proposed target architecture for data sharing in the health and care service.

This is relevant both in relation to sending notification to the responsible doctor / nurse, to link the solution to configurable forms, register data from sensors the patient uses at home and possible future interface with EPR.

DNV Imatis version 6.1.2 and newer has been tested against HL7 FHIR release 2.4.

The Fundamentum Platform

DNV Imatis has developed an intelligent platform that digitalises and automates work processes using data from both existing and new systems. The platform, which is called Fundamentum, provides a framework for building lightweight applications that support current and new workflows as well as having other features.


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Royal Adelaide Hospital

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Østfold Hospital Trust

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St. Olavs hospital

St. Olavs hospital

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