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Innovation and research

Innovation and research projects in close collaboration with customers have been an important driving force in the development of the solutions that we deliver to hospitals and local authorities.

Through strategic partnerships with research communities, DNV Imatis and its customers gain new knowledge about technology and how it can be used to develop better and more efficient health services. Follow-up research also documents the benefits and effects of the solutions.

DNV Imatis has a strategic collaboration with the University of South-Eastern Norway, including with the Science Centre Health and Technology. Through the Birkeland initiative we contribute to the funding of a professorship in health innovation and welfare technology.

SINTEF Digital is developing the digital society of the future in collaboration with the business community. DNV Imatis has been working with research groups at SINTEF for a number of years in connection with new technology and knowledge in digital transformation, change management and follow-up research into the interaction between technology and people.

innovation and research

DNV Imatis is involved in several research and innovation projects. A number of local authorities have formed a partnership to develop decision-making support for managers where DNV Imatis’ solutions create digital whiteboards showing key figures and information from various units in the health service. In the CoSAM project (applications for collaboration in crises and daily operations in healthcare services), DNV Imatis is developing new interactive applications to improve workflows and communication with service users. This will help the health services in the Stovner and Gamle Oslo districts to work effectively and efficiently in their day-to-day activity as well as in crisis situations. SINTEF Digital is a research partner in both projects.

DNV Imatis is also a partner in the research centre for clinical cancer treatment at Oslo University Hospital. Through targeted efforts, the centre helps increase the life expectancy of cancer patients and improve their quality of life. Together with the clinical community, DNV Imatis is developing digital patient processes that enable patient-centred treatment and contribute to the successful implementation of digital solutions at the hospital.

Completed projects


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