Yngve has previously been a cyclist, and in his twenties, he cycled to Gaustatoppen, Telemark county’s highest mountain, 1883 meters above sea level! He completed in two hours and is one of the very few who have accomplished this.
Cecilie A. also has many miles under her belt on the bicycle.

1. Why did Yngve cycle to Gaustatoppen, and 2. What distance has Cecilie cycled?

1. To disprove the Swede who claimed it was impossible to cycle to the top 2. Trondheim - Oslo 520km
1. He lost a bet. 2. Vätternrundan 315km (around Vättern the lake in Sweden)
1. It was the final stage of a race that few manage to complete. 2. The Bright Midnight cycling race 1000km