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Payment Manager

Together with Mastercard, DNV Imatis offer Payment Manager as a fully automated and comprehensive payment solution, which provides cost-and timesaving benefits for both hospitals and patients.

Published April 4, 2022, 12:19 pm

DNV Imatis has provided self-services for hospitals and healthcare organizations for a decade. Including payment solutions for the last 5 years. Examples of large organisations using DNV Imatis` self-services and payment solutions are Western Norway Regional Health Authority,  South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and Region Västra Götaland, Sweden.

payment manager


There are clearly changes to how patients want to be part of their healthcare processes. Either by getting more involved in the dialogue with the clinicians or having higher impact in their processes and interaction with the health organisations.

Self-registration at arrival is a typical process the patients want to be part of. Improvement that reduces load on hospital staff and reduce ineffective administrative tasks. For the last 5 years more and more customers want the patient to make their payment as a self-service. Being able to choose payment method is a trend that is supported by statistics and patient satisfaction surveys.

Examples of why patients want more self-services and be able to choose payment method themselves:

  • Empowers the patient; in charge of own processes
  • Enables multiple payment methods
  • Reduces risk of infections, by less physical contact points

We experience the most efficiency achieved when payment process is embedded to self-registration and arrival process at hospitals.

Payment Manager for patients

DNV Imatis payment solution supports self-payment by patients` smartphones and kiosk/tablets on site. The solution can be set up with most available payment options. Web-based card payment, Account Checkout (payments directly from bank account) and/or paper invoice are options that are included in the solution. Other payment options, like Apple Pay, can also be added after customers choice.

When a patient’s settlement is ready, the patient receives a SMS with a link to use to pay for the treatment. When the patient is ready to pay, an active choice of payment is being made, based on own preferences and available payments options. When successfully finishing a payment, a digital receipt will be sent directly to the mobile. Alternatively, the patient can go to the nearest kiosk / terminal / tablet and pay for the treatment on site. When successfully finishing the payment on site, the patient gets a printed paper receipt. If the patient does not make an active choice of payment option within x days, the claim can automatically be sent as a paper invoice.

Payment Manager for hospitals

Payments are automatically registered in the Payment Manager solution and gives a total overview of all patient payments and important details, such as status and date. This makes it easier to find information about events, like information about payments gone wrong.

Hospital staff also utilize the Payment Manager to initiate payments at their location, e.g., for patients paying at the reception. Various actions, for example pausing or deleting invoices, is possible for managing invoices. Retrieving statistics for use in reporting and assessment of bottlenecks are easier to identify. It is also possible to set up automatic reminders and dunning, with or without fee, for unpaid claims. With this option, the hospitals can choose to take over the first handling of outstanding claims before debt collection, usually handled by a 3rd party. In the solution it is possible to automatically retrieve a list over unpaid claims, to send over to the customers debt collector.

Benefits of changing payment pattern

DNV Imatis’ experience is that patients now are ready for a change regarding payments methods. In Norway, few patients use the kiosks, and even fewer pay with cash. With the opportunity to pay from own smartphone, the patient can leave the hospital and pay later. This gives the patient increased freedom of choice, at the same time as it reduces administrative tasks for hospital staff and streamlines operations.

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