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Remote monitoring

Digital remote monitoring enables patients to receive close and effective follow-up from healthcare personnel in the comfort of their home. This provides reduces stress for patients and improves their quality of life in otherwise challenging circumstances.

Remote patient monitoring is a priority area in the health sector, and gradually more patients are being equipped with technological aids to monitor their state of health and any illnesses. DNV Imatis has developed several applications for use by patients in their own home or prior to outpatient examinations. All of these are designed to be simple and reliable, with an intuitive user interface and navigation, whilst also meeting strict requirements for information security and data protection.

Remote monitoring

The patient application supports the following, among other things:

  • Secure video communication (WebRTC)
  • Secure messaging, chat and sharing of images
  • Self-reporting and forms
  • Sensor measurements
  • Insight into own patient pathway

The health service is able to improve efficiency, and will save time and money by preventing readmissions and unnecessary appointments. Consequently, more time can be spent treating patients.

Digital remote monitoring creates reassurance in the everyday lives of patients, their families, and healthcare workers.


  • Digital interactive solution for monitoring chronically ill patients at home or for follow-up prior to an outpatient examination
  • Overview and insight into own patient pathway and treatment plan
  • Overview of planned tasks and appointments, with reminders
  • Digital forms for registering the user’s symptoms and condition
  • Alerts sent to the responsible healthcare personnel if a patient’s condition deteriorates
  • Video communication and messaging between user and healthcare personnel
  • Messaging that can include both text and images
  • Customised information and instructional videos related to diagnosis
  • The user can use their own smartphone or computer
  • Secure log-in by use of personal and simple electronic ID for identification
  • Can integrate medical sensors that measure for example weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature

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