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Patient and resource management

All hospital departments receive and generate data, from ambulance to accident and emergency (ER), surgery and outpatient wards, to cleaning, orderly and caretaker services. All this information is business critical.

DNV Imatis’ Flow solution is an ecosystem of applications and digital tools. It collects and transfers data and information between departments and enables information to flow freely and unhindered in real time, without the risk of any information being forgotten, misunderstood, or duplicated. DNV Imatis minimises the possibility that human inaccuracy leads to error. This creates a stronger sense of security for employees, greater safety for patients, greater efficiency, better collaboration, and increases job satisfaction. The effect of DNV Imatis’ Flow solution reaches every level and discipline at a hospital.

Clinical logistics

DNV Imatis digital whiteboard combines logistics with resource and patient management. All in real-time.

Specifically designed to provide a real-time overview of the current situation in and across departments. Makes it possible to share real-time information in, between and across wards, clinics and hospitals. Supports and improves clinical logistics and the patient journey, from pre-hospital situations, to admission and discharge. 

Our solution is flexible and powerful, bringing together caregivers, support services, patient safety, work lists, resource management and patients. Retrieve information from multiple data sources and display it for single units or shared across units.

Compliant and integrated

Digital whiteboards are interoperable with our mobile apps and messaging system, patient portal, health records, self-registration and patient queue management solution. Our Flow solution can also be integrated with a hospital’s patient administrative system and electronic patient records (HIS and EPR), thereby providing support for process automation and allowing information from multiple systems to be accessed from a single location. The digital whiteboards make the most of resource management, giving valuable data on the staff on duty, hospital orderlies, housekeeping services and more.

Adapted to any workflow

Each single whiteboard can be adapted to any workflow within and across the organisation in order to create collaborative environments to the benefit of patients and staff. Cross-ward and cross-hospital workflows are built straight into the whiteboard solution with global columns and customised global lists, shared by all units that take part in each workflow, for example inter-unit transfers or inter-unit service delivery.

Individual wards or departments

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions for hospitals, clinical and technical departments, and support services

Regional solutions

Regional solutions with multiple hospitals and call centers.

Nursing homes / care homes


Municipal or community healthcare facilities. Emergency rooms.

Response centers

Remote monitoring of patients.


Increased patient safety

Shorter hospital stays

Faster turnover on bed capacity

Increased efficiency


Better working environment


Customer cases

Improving patient flow at Haraldsplass Diaconal Hospital

Improving patient flow at Haraldsplass Diaconal Hospital

Read how Haraldsplass Diaconal Hospital has used digital tools to improve the flow between emergency department and ward.
Digital collaboration and task support at Oslo Emergency Clinic

Digital collaboration and task support at Oslo Emergency Clinic

Case study on how Oslo Emergency Clinic implemented digital interaction and task support to support work processes and information sharing.
Bed Management at Østfold Hospital Trust

Bed Management at Østfold Hospital Trust

Østfold Hospital has achieved a better overall overview of occupancy in real-time and can more easily predict what the next…