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Flow Management tool

Information technology’s ability to produce and consume data is practically limitless. When applied to large and intricate organisations like hospitals, the sheer volume and complexity of data available is challenging to prioritise and interpret.

DNV Imatis’ Flow Management Tool solution enables healthcare providers to harvest data effectively. Information from all corners of an organisation can be aggregated by the tool to give precise, up-to-the-minute status of operations in real time. The solution provides an exceptional overview to management teams and unlocks unique opportunities for more effective operational planning. It also delivers retrospective analysis, as all data is stored for later use.

Management tool

Use dashboards as an information management tool to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to your management or specific processes. 

We provide real-time analytical data based on open technology. A single shared platform to give the ward and management greater visibility in their operations and resources.

These insights facilitate better, more timely decision-making that directly enhances the quality of care and patient satisfaction levels, and also leverages data to create knowledge and a better understanding of patients needs.

Real-time data can allow earlier identification of patients with deteriorating health, free up nurses’ time and help to better plan staff and resource deployment.

Utilises current and last-minute data to analyse up-to-the-minute operational intelligence.

Collects data from clinical pathways, monitoring all phases of the clinical processes based on standard components from our product suite. Built to support real-time healthcare systems. A ‘probe’ can easily be established in the process to monitor bottlenecks, activity, wait­ing times, bed occupancy, deviations from procedures etc.

Simplify complex data sets

Dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance.

All data is monitored in real time, and new key performance indicators can be created and adjusted along the way, even when the system is fully operational.

Apps and widgets can be established and instantly turned into valuable information.


Tracks KPIs

Real- time analytics and KPIs


Monitors waiting times, bottlenecks, response times, bed occupancy, checklists, satisfaction, nurse calls etc.

Streamlines workflows


Detects/eliminates wasted resources

Lowers costs

Allows flexibility

Can be configured and customized as needed

Customer cases

Improving patient flow at Haraldsplass Diaconal Hospital

Improving patient flow at Haraldsplass Diaconal Hospital

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Digital collaboration and task support at Oslo Emergency Clinic

Digital collaboration and task support at Oslo Emergency Clinic

Case study on how Oslo Emergency Clinic implemented digital interaction and task support to support work processes and information sharing.
Bed Management at Østfold Hospital Trust

Bed Management at Østfold Hospital Trust

Østfold Hospital has achieved a better overall overview of occupancy in real-time and can more easily predict what the next…