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Mobile communication and alarm management

A hospital is a workplace unlike any other. A huge workload, limited time and great distances between wards creates a working environment that is not only stressful but also represents a risk of human error. Crucial information is often transported by hand, with no immediate insurance that it reaches its goal in time – and in the right hands.

DNV Imatis offers a digital ecosystem of tools that shape a highly effective working methodology. We have developed the technology to make every piece of information in a hospital, elderly home or health organisation available everywhere. You can easily integrate our Connect solution for mobile communication, alerts and notifications with Flow, which consolidates information and data into a comprehensive overview on a digital whiteboard, mobile, or PC.

Classic whiteboards with their felt-tip pens, post-it notes, sheets of paper and drawing pins are made redundant, replaced by digital touchscreens that provide uninterrupted information about the varying tasks and the current status in a ward or unit. Staff members also receive all the information they need straight to the mobile device in their pocket, in real time. They are able to send messages, receive test results, requisitions, alarms and notifications. DNV Imatis reduces the risk of human error while laying the foundation for better collaboration and on-the-job satisfaction.


DNV Imatis’ Connect solution optimises the flow of information by ensuring that important messages and emergency alerts are sent securely to the right place at the right time, anywhere in the system.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, our mobile solution has all the functionalities you need for a simpler, better and more efficient working day.

Connect offers endless possibilities. Real-time data enables seamless communication and interaction within, between and across departments and hospital trusts. Tasks are automated and alerts and alarms are distributed according to predefined rules.

DNV Imatis’ Connect solution eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and the transfer of documents. You can view up-to-date patient information at any time, regardless of location.


Blood sample app

The closed registration loop for taking blood samples helps prevent the doubling up of samples and thereby reduces resource use, ensures patient safety, and provides test results faster. It also improves and simplifies the interaction between nurses and the laboratory.

Quiet working environment

Establish a quiet hospital, where the sound of patient alerts is muted, but nevertheless clearly communicated through the use of role-based mobile phones. Alarms from patient alerts will also be displayed on big touch screens in the wards. This will improve the working environment, reduce stress and mean a quieter hospital for patients and their families. Various rules can be put in place and adapted to local work processes.

Blood sample app

My patient

Worklist at your fingertips

Bed occupancy

Merge departments or wards to maximise bed occupancy, e.g. during busy periods


Integrated chat, video and voice functionality for patients and staff.


Customer cases

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Royal Adelaide Hospital

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Østfold Hospital Trust

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St. Olavs hospital

St. Olavs hospital

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