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DNV Imatis makes vital information safe,
clear, easily accessible and immediate
to all parts of the healthcare service.


The amount of information within healthcare organisations has grown almost exponentially, bloated by an ever-increasing number of journals, test results, diagnoses, reports, dialogue with the public sector, patients, and relatives.

Without fast and reliable access to this information, safe and efficient hospital operations are impossible to maintain.

DNV Imatis makes this vital information safe, clear, easily accessible, and immediate.

Better dialogue with real time data sharing

A hospital can collect and aggregate data and distribute it to all departments and employees in real time, through a system of applications and digital solutions, creating better and more effective communication at all levels.

Good, efficient and reliable health services

Good, efficient and reliable health services are one of the pillars of the modern health service. DNV Imatis can help ensure that healthcare remains a stable pillar.

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Customer cases

Royal Adelaide Hospital

Royal Adelaide Hospital

Get inspired by how Royal Adelaide has saved time and effort with smoother check-ins, better patient service and accurate data.
Østfold Hospital Trust

Østfold Hospital Trust

Learn how Østfold Hospital Trust became a much quieter place to work, rest and stay with help from DNV Imatis.
St. Olavs hospital

St. Olavs hospital

Find out how DNV Imatis helps to synchronise more than 5 million conversations, alarms and notifications every year.
DNV Imatis is our main tool for supporting important work processes, patient flow, coordination, logistics and interaction internally in the hospital.
Anette M. Siebenherz
Head of the Department of Rheumatology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Østfold Hospital