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Self-service check-in at the Pulmonology outpatient clinic in Bergen

Last week, the Pulmonology outpatient clinic at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen started using DNV Imatis’ solutions for arrival registration and follow-up. Configuration expert Tone Gautesen determined the needs and set up the solution in the department. “Staff in charge of various examinations and lung function tests immediate benefit from the solution – now they don’t even have to look for the patients!” she enthused.

At DNV Imatis, we’re very proud to work with The Western Norway Regional Health Authority ICT, which possesses incredible skills in continuously improving health services in the region with the innovative use of digital solutions, not least by listening to employees.

The news of the introduction of self-service check-in at the Pulmonology outpatient clinic was recently mentioned on the intranet of Bergen Health Trust. Here you can read about initial experience of the new solution:

Self-service check-in at the Pulmonology outpatient clinic is finally here!

On Wednesday, 22 February, a delighted Kirsten Nøttingnes finally cut the ribbon at the official opening of the self-service check-in. It had been a long wait.

And the response? 
“It’s very rare to get a new IT tool you become friends with on the first day and that doesn’t take more time – it just feels like an advantage! Thanks, we needed this!” exclaimed senior physician Bent Aarli.

“The overview of patient flow we now possess is useful from day one and frees up precious time for several professional groups,” said office manager Kirsten Nøttingnes.

Self-service check-in at the Pulmonology Outpatient Clinic in Bergen

Joint effort

Office manager Kirsten Nøttingnes commented that she couldn’t have imagined it would take almost four years since first hearing about the solution before the Pulmonology outpatient clinic would be able to leave it to the patients themselves to register their arrival and find the right room. Almost all other departments have been using DNV Imatis in their outpatient clinics for a while, but the Pulmonology Department has been kept waiting.

Several attendees at the opening ceremony made major contributions to today’s milestone: Edith Kalve and her regional project team, the local project led by Monica K. Monsen and – last but not least – the core team in the Pulmonology outpatient clinic: Marit E. Aardal, Merethe Oksnes, and Marte H. Spjeld together with Kirsten Nøttingnes and Thomas Berge.

– Thank you for your brilliant efforts! said Ingvild Sunde, supervisor of the Alle møter* programme.

* About Alle møter

Alle møter (‘All Encounters’) aims to contribute to an enhanced offering to patients, with better and easier communication with patients and their relatives, shorter waiting times and adherence to appointment times. Patients should experience a comprehensive and predictable system throughout The Western Norway Regional Health Authority, regardless of their geographical location or consultation needs. The goal is to reduce waiting times, improve planning and help more people keep their appointments.