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Resource and patient management for Kristiansand Municipality

Kristiansand is continuously working on developing the way healthcare services are delivered. This enhances the municipality's readiness to meet the current and future needs for seamless patient pathways, improved coordination, and collaboration between services.

This mindset aligns with the development and design principles of our interaction solutions, and following a recent tender process, it is now clear that DNV Imatis will deliver a resource and patient management solution to Kristiansand municipality.

Resource and patient management for Kristiansand Municipality

Right expertise for the right task

The main goal of implementing resource and patient management is to improve patient flow internally and between services, increasing capacity and ensuring the right expertise is used for the right task. An efficient patient flow is crucial to ensure prompt and appropriate treatment of patients in acute situations. A seamless and coordinated process not only helps reduce waiting times and stress for both patients and staff but also optimises resource utilisation and ensures that the most critical cases are prioritised correctly. Additionally, the solution aims to facilitate rapid and secure information flow between services. The goal is to provide patients with even better services while increasing the care capacity for staff.

The solution will initially be implemented in the emergency room, emergency care centre, departments for immediate assistance – overnight stays, and short-term care units. The agreement further provides opportunities for scaling to additional departments and service areas.

Resource and patient management for better services

Lene Schwanborg Ellefsen, Solution Advisor at DNV Imatis, is particularly pleased that the emergency room and emergency care centre will play a central role when the solution is implemented in Kristiansand municipality.

– Supporting better and safer patient flow in the emergency room is an exciting area for us. Several relevant issues in recent times have highlighted the challenges faced by the emergency room. I am convinced that our solutions can contribute to better oversight, safer services, and improved resource utilisation, says Ellefsen.


Lene S. Ellefsen, Solution Advisor, DNV Imatis

Kristiansand municipality has long been an active driver in the digitisation of health and care services. We look forward to collaborating on solutions for more efficient and secure services in the municipality.



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