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Presenting at European Healthcare Design Conference

“Silent Hospital” Digital Transformation Project Selected for Representation at Prestigious European Healthcare Design Conference 2023.

Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust, DNV Imatis, TClarke and the University of Plymouth join forces to improve quality of care at the Royal Cornwall Hospital. 

A new digital evaluation project, incorporating SMART hospital technology at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT), will be the subject of a presentation and panel discussion at the upcoming European Healthcare Design Conference, to be held at the Royal College of Physicians in London from 12-14th June 2023.

The Silent Hospital Project, led by RCHT in partnership with University of Plymouth’s Centre for Health Technology; UK engineering company TClarke; and Scandinavian Healthcare Software company DNV Imatis is set to transform the Royal Cornwall Hospital’s post-natal ward by introducing a digital integration platform and software suite that reduce noise levels by silencing patient call bells and driving the alerts to mobile devices. Both patients and staff will benefit from a quieter and calmer environment on the ward and, if proved successful, the smart technology could be rolled out to other areas of the hospital. Staff often suffer from “alarm fatigue” which means they are less alert to important calls due to the sheer volume of alarm noises on a ward. It is anticipated that this new system will allow staff to identify and respond to the needs of patients more efficiently and in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The evaluation will not only measure the actual reduction of noise, and the associated benefits in terms of wellbeing and productivity but will also seek to improve data management within RCHT’s estate, thus paving the way to introduce other silencing technology for medical equipment, and further reducing  noise levels in the clinical environment.

The Silent Hospital Project is the first innovative scheme to be trialled as part of RCHT’s digital strategy for the new Women and Children’s Hospital Programme, which will complete in 2028 as one of the Government’s New Hospital Programme Cohort 2 schemes. The long-term ambition is to explore equipment and patient tracking; digital wayfinding and space utilisation; innovations to support more efficient facilities management; and energy monitoring, environment control and building systems integration.

As well as detailing the first phase of the journey to a fully digitally enabled new building, the Silent Hospital workshop at the European Healthcare Design Conference will also cover the evolution of a digital health “ecosystem” for Cornwall,  bringing together citizens, the NHS, academia, and business to work in partnership.

Roberta Fuller, Programme Director for Women and Children’s Hospital Programme at RCHT comments: “We are delighted to have been selected from more than 170 submissions to highlight our pioneering Silent Hospital Project at the 9th European Healthcare Design Conference in London. This is part of our long-term digital strategy for the Women and Children’s Hospital Programme, and we are excited to be collaborating with colleagues at DNV Imatis, TClarke and the University of Plymouth. This alliance of skills and capabilities provides optimum conditions for evidence-based digital health innovation and for health system transformation. Most importantly, the development of SMART hospital features will enable RCHT to deliver outstanding real-time benefits to patients, staff, and visitors to the hospital.”

Johan Folkunger, CEO at DNV Imatis adds: “We are truly excited to take part in shaping the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust’s digital transformation and innovative future. Providing crucial information and alarms directly to mobile devices on the post-natal ward, silently and in real time, will unlock further potential and scaling. This is possible with a highly flexible solution which allows change and streamlining in line with new needs or work routines, both for management and clinicians.”

Rob Faro, Director for UK South and Healthcare at TClarke, says: “This partnership between TClarke, RCHT, University of Plymouth and DNV Imatis has the potential to create a transformative impact on healthcare. By leveraging technology to create a smart hospital ecosystem, we can improve patient outcomes, enhance the patient experience, optimise building and staff efficiency, and reduce the carbon footprint of healthcare facilities. We are excited to be leading the charge in bringing these solutions to the healthcare industry.”

Samantha Prime, Digital Health Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth, and coordinator of the ECH Alliance South West Interdisciplinary Technology Consortium for Health and Care Ecosystem says: “The New Hospital Programme schemes represent a vital opportunity to transform the NHS through digital technology by addressing real-world challenges and delivering end-user focused solutions. Cross-sector and interdisciplinary partnerships are key to the success of this transformation and I am delighted to be a part of the team.”

Alongside the workshop, and throughout the European Healthcare Design Conference, RCHT will also be displaying its ambitious plans for the new Women and Children’s Hospital – Cornwall’s largest ever investment in healthcare. A poster exhibit will explain how the design of the new building had to be delivered on an enclosed site, which is already challenged for space, and during the COVID-19 lockdown.

With the collective input of clinicians, dedicated healthcare planners and architects, the design for the new hospital will support substantial clinical improvements and will enable the delivery of optimal clinical pathways. For the first time in Cornwall, all paediatric, maternity, neonatal and gynaecology services will be provided in one dedicated building leading to more efficient deployment of staff and an improved patient experience.

The Women and Children’s Hospital Programme is part of the Government’s national  New Hospital Programme. Enabling projects to support the main build have commenced on site at RCHT and the  construction of the main hospital is expected to start in 2025, subject to Treasury approval of the scheme’s Outline Business Case.

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