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Mayo Clinic visits Norway

Recently, DNV and DNV Imatis had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from the Mayo Clinic, USA. Morten Andresen, the founder of DNV Imatis, was invited to deliver a presentation focusing on how DNV Imatis has been instrumental in digitising hospitals.

This includes streamlining processes, managing resources, and optimising workflows in new hospital constructions, as well as introducing digital interfaces accessible to all staff. Key features demonstrated included the use of mobile phones for clinical communication, automated task allocation, real-time process monitoring and management, and enhanced self-service options for patients.

Mayo Clinic visits Norway

Automating processes

The presentation began by highlighting several successful digital new build projects delivered by DNV Imatis across various countries, illustrating how these solutions have been expanded into existing hospitals.

It then addressed practical challenges faced by hospital staff in their daily operations and showcased how DNV Imatis’ platform can automate processes through standardisation and use of extensive suite of lightweight applications.

A key point was the ability for application specialists to develop new support tools and digital interfaces using no-code and low-code process tools.

Mayo Clinic visits Norway

The delegation from the Mayo Clinic, which primarily uses Epic as a medical record documentation tool for automated billing, showed significant interest in the presentation. Feedback from market dialogues with various healthcare providers indicates that traditional EHR vendors often fail to provide adequate digital tools to simplify and streamline daily operational work.

As a result, many providers are seeking additional tools that can integrate with Electronic Health Records to support their digital transformation efforts.



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