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Högsbo Hospital introduces self-check-in and payment solutions

Högsbo Hospital in Sweden has recently unveiled digital solutions for patient self-check-in, payment, and digital waiting area management. The hospital, which opened its doors in December 2023, distinguishes itself as a modern and digitally mature healthcare facility, providing outpatient services and day surgery in the Västra Götaland region.

Designed with adaptability in mind, Högsbo Hospital features a unique model with no inpatient wards. Instead, it caters to offer flexibility in different care types, meeting the evolving healthcare needs of the community. The hospital’s reception rooms boast a generic design, creating a modern environment seamlessly integrated with new digital solutions to enhance the patient experience.

Högsbo Hospital introduces self-check-in and payment solutions

A key highlight of this approach is the implementation of DNV Imatis’ Visit solution. Patients visiting Högsbo Hospital now have the convenience of self-check-in and payment options, facilitated through smartphones and dedicated on-site terminals. This marks a significant departure from traditional check-in processes, streamlining the overall patient flow and experience.

Additionally, the solution offers advanced waiting area allocation and textual wayfinding. Patients can navigate the hospital effortlessly, guided by digital displays that provide real-time information on where to wait and the optimal time to proceed to their appointments. This feature enhances patient flow, reducing wait times and contributing to an overall smoother healthcare journey.

The incorporation of self-check-in, payment options, and streamlined waiting area management reflects the hospital’s focus on operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.