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DNV Imatis partners with Medlytic

As a provider of digital work tools to the healthcare sector, it is crucial for us to meet the real needs of healthcare staff. Over decades, we have been close to customers through user involvement, innovation projects and joint development, and now we are taking one step further. MedLytic is a data analysis platform for the healthcare system that helps to improve the implementation of new technology and IT, where insight from healthcare personnel is an important part of the process. We have great expectations in this collaboration.

DNV Imatis partners with Medlytic to further strengthen our focus on user participation and the inclusion of healthcare personnel in technological new and further development. Deeper insight will make us even better equipped creating tomorrow’s healthcare today.

Contact us Johan Folkunger

“DNV Imatis’ vision is to create a better and easier life for both employees, patients and relatives. Together with Medlytic and their vision to make the healthcare system the best it can be, we have a strong foundation in our common goal of solid, intuitive digital solutions that support the users’ work processes.” -Johan Folkunger, CEO at DNV Imatis   

“In order to solve the challenges we face in the healthcare system today, we will have to adopt more and more technology – but it must be technology that actually meets the real needs. DNV Imatis develops solutions to solve real problems – just like Medlytic. That makes it easy to find ways to collaborate, and we look forward to our common journey!” – Dr. Ida Susanna Fattah, CEO at Medlytic

“It is fantastic to work with a company that really shows that they listen to the healthcare professionals who will be using their solutions.” – Robert Grinde, CTO at Medlytic

Dr. Ida Susanna Fattah, CEO, Medlytic and Robert Grinde, CTO, Medlytic. Photo: Remi Reksten
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“With even greater insight, we will contribute to improving everyday working life for healthcare personnel and to patients receiving better healthcare. Collaborating with Medlytic helps to close the insight gap and will have an impact on how we develop further together with our customers.” – Dag Ausen, CINO at DNV Imatis 

How does it work?

For convenience, Medlytic’s platform can be split into three parts: 1) a healthcare personnel platform 2) a data analysis platform  3) a dashboard for the person introducing new technology/IT and to the supplier. Various research frameworks have been used to map what kind of data that should be collected in which phases of an implementation. Data is then collected from healthcare personnel – easily, quickly and completely anonymously – on how the process is perceived. Based on the findings, recommendations are made – completely automatically – for measures to improve the implementation and possibly the product. In this way, the information provided can be improved, training can be tailored, and functions can be changed to better meet clinical needs.

Medlytic has previously evaluated the implementation of new technology in GP offices together with Menon Economics on behalf of the Norwegian Directorate of Health. DNV Imatis wants to make use of Medlytic’s role to convert this insight into real value for the employees in the healthcare services.

About Medlytic

Medlytic is a data analysis platform that reduces the risk of investing in technology and IT by improving the implementation process. Our two customer segments are initially hospitals and the suppliers of technology and IT to those hospitals. When the investment in the purchase of new technology/IT has been made, the implementation is about getting the most value out of that investment. We are building a deep tech platform with automated predictive analysis, which can predict the probability of a successful implementation, and what measures must be taken to ensure success and thus return on investment. For both hospital and supplier.

Dr. Ida Susanna Fattah. Photo: Remi Reksten

Ida is a qualified doctor at the University of Oslo and specialises in public health. During the first year of medical studies, she became concerned with the subject of patient safety and how patients are unnecessarily injured as a direct cause of how systems designs. For more than 10 years, she has worked for improvement. This has brought different roles and fields of expertise such as municipal superintendent, GP and university lecturer. Ida has also studied health management, health law, organisational psychology, innovation and entrepreneurship. This year she was rewarded as one of Norway’s 50 leading women in tech.

Robert Grinde. Photo: Remi Reksten

Robert is an experienced full stack LAMP developer and CTO at Medlytic. He is also a serial entrepreneur with past companies such as Wish AS (Ltd.) and Crowdit AS (Ltd.). At Crowdit, he led a development team in Turkey to create a crowdsourcing tool that included both native iOS and Android applications and a web UI. Customers as Hennes & Mauritz, Wrigleys and Whiskas made sure to crowd-source physical controls in stores. At one point, they inspected more than 100 H&M stores across Norway within a 2-hour window. He holds a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship from BI, passionate about combining his technical skills with entrepreneurship alongside creating solutions that match real user needs.