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Digital tools for the Salvation Army Care+

Historically, the primary place and source of important information have been post-it notes and sheets of paper at the Norwegian residential care home concept Care+. Care+ at two residential care homes will be provided digital work tools to improve information flow and enhance data and information privacy as pro bono project.

In the past, the information storage has been unclear and unsafe through the use of post-its and diary notes. Digital tools for the Salvation Army Care+ aims, among other things, to ensure protection of personal data and information privacy. Hence, it was essential with a solution that could both simplify and ensure the quality of the information regarding the residents.

Digital tools for the salvation army care+

Background and needs

“The reason why we urged the need for a digital solution is that we are in a situation where, despite not being a health institution, we still get access to health information and other sensitive information. One of our employees had experience of using DNV Imatis’ solution in a previous job context, and tipped us off about this digital support and work tool.” Liza Wigaard Johansen, Counsellor, Section for the Salvation Army’s elderly care

“We want a digital work support that contributes to better information flow and data privacy in our everyday life. By digitally plan, coordinate, communicate and safely secure information about our residents, Care+ seek to provide residents with the best possible care and service.”

The residential care home concept Care+ are not healthcare institutions. The residents live in independent apartments, but they still belong to a vulnerable group with care needs. This means that no electronic patient records are kept, while at the same there is a need for a viable and trusted information flow system along with comprehensive overview that safeguards data privacy. The solution will also provide digital work support that enables overall coordination and interaction, in addition to the need of better interaction with the kitchen services.

DNV Imatis will deliver a cloud-based solution with applications for resident overview, activities and interaction with the kitchen at both Care+ residential care homes. The solution will be implemented after summer, and is a pro bono project where the Salvation Army only pays an annual license for operating the cloud service.

Tailored for the elderly, Care+ consists of apartments, a centre with activity services, cafe, hairdresser and foot care. Overall, 149 apartments.

The two Care+ residential care homes are run by the Salvation Army’s elderly care, commissioned by Alna and Gamle Oslo district.