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Digital collaboration solution implemented at Bodø Municipality

In early February 2024, a project began with Bodø Municipality to implement DNV Imatis' digital collaboration solution. This solution includes dashboard applications for allocation offices, home services, institutions, and digital health services, accessible via both mobile and web platforms.

It is also provided as a cloud service with Azure AD integration and integration with Gerica via the Welfare Technology Gateway (VKP). By early June 2024, the solution was operational.

Digital collaboration solution implemented at Bodø Municipality

Patient flow and logistics

Previously, the municipality relied on manual checklists and whiteboards to manage patient follow-up. They now look forward to a more digital approach. The project has progressed smoothly and efficiently, thanks in large part to the professional project organisations on both sides, which have facilitated seamless collaboration.

Bodø Municipality has started with a few departments and aims to implement the solution across all health and care services in the municipality.

The digital dashboard solutions will be a tool for improving patient logistics and flow across services, contributing to safe and effective patient transitions. 

They will also enable new work processes that support comprehensive services and better utilisation of resources and expertise.

A shared goal for the service is to ensure the right information is available to the right person at the right time. Information flows in real time, allowing decisions to be made based on the most current information. The various service areas will jointly develop and utilise information elements and processes that enhance collaboration value, contribute to more efficient operations, enable precise information exchange, and thereby increase patient safety.

The solution will ensure that necessary services and other practical tasks are managed and implemented, reduce time spent on internal messages and phone calls for follow-up or clarification, and increase information security.



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