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Autoscore: The future of patient monitoring

On the 24th of January 2024, DNV Imatis, in collaboration with VitalThings and St. Olavs Hospital, hosted a seminar at Health2B to introduce the Autoscore project – a comprehensive solution for contactless and continuous patient monitoring. This innovative project has identified success factors, and contributes to a new solution with international potential, significantly impacting the healthcare sector.

The success factors for the project, as presented by St. Olavs Hospital, include employee involvement, top management commitment, and a multidisciplinary team, including suppliers. These factors have been crucial in ensuring an efficient implementation and sustainable use of the new solution.


Global potential with great significance

The project has identified several areas where Autoscore will have a significant impact. Strengthening patient safety, efficient resource management, equitable healthcare services, increased quality in patient care, and economic savings in the healthcare sector are all key objectives. The potential societal benefit is substantial, both nationally and internationally.

Wide range of application areas

Autoscore has a broad and versatile scope, extending beyond emergency departments. The solution can be implemented in observation units, inpatient wards, care homes, nursing homes, or similar facilities. This improves remote patient monitoring, particularly valuable for those located far from highly skilled healthcare professionals.

Decision support

The developed solution provides healthcare professionals with better tools to make effective, secure, and clinically sound decisions, directly influencing patient safety. Autoscore enables continuous monitoring of the patient’s condition, provides NEWS scores, and easily detects any deteriorations in health.

Concrete, measurable time savings

A key advantage of the solution is time savings. It reduces the time spent connecting equipment to patients and eliminates the need for equipment disinfection between patients. This not only reduces the cognitive load on healthcare professionals but also streamlines administrative tasks.

"Plug and play"

During the seminar, it became evident that Autoscore is a straightforward, user-friendly, and intuitive solution seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow of healthcare professionals. This enables its adoption without extensive training.

The innovation partnership was recently approved by St. Olavs Hospital, and the solution is now undergoing approval as medical equipment. The expected market introduction is slated for 2024.

Autoscore the future of patient monitoring