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Millions were saved and job satisfaction boosted when nurses and doctors were actively involved in selecting technological solutions to rationalise their day-to-day routines.

Oslo City Government established Oslo Accident and Emergency Out-Patient Clinic (KAD) in what was then Akershus University Hospital in 2013/2014. Patient admissions and transfers take place in cooperation with 4 hospitals across 15 different city districts, in addition to both of the emergency clinics covering the area. The municipality’s ICT systems were based on an old architecture with limited possibilities for collaboration. The health service therefore wanted to look at new technology. The SamKAD project was also looking into what opportunities new technology could provide in develop the organization and facilitate services with high, professional quality.


In the period 2015 to 2017, the research and innovation project SamKAD was implemented to develop collaboration solutions for use in clinical operations for outpatient clinics and KAD bed posts. The aim of the project was to look at how organisation and routines could be improved by using new and innovative technological solutions that contributed to improving the patient process.

Through the project, competence was developed in the Health Service’s Aker department, related to the development of work processes, service design, organisational development and the use of digital technology solutions. Three nurses and a doctor worked part-time on the technology solution and adaptations to clinical operations.

DNV Imatis developed and implemented a solution that makes information related to the patient process available to both doctors, nurses and health professionals in various work surfaces. Including mobile phone, iPad, PC and big screen. The solution has been in full operation since 2017 and has been absolutely crucial for the establishment and operation of the KAD department.

Further development

Following the project, DNV Imatis has further collaborated with the Oslo Health Service to further develop functionality related to digital task support and coordinated collaboration with extra focus on mobile work tools.

Gains documented in the SamKAD project

Reduced staff cost

20% reduction in staff costs per patient

Streamlining in time

Streamlining of shift handovers, morning meetings, visits and previsits

Cost efficiency

Efficiency improvement of approximately 3.7MNOK

Better patient safety

Improved communications

Better communication and information sharing in the patient process

Better opportunity for evaluation of the service

Customer cases

Digital collaboration and task support at Oslo Emergency Clinic

Digital collaboration and task support at Oslo Emergency Clinic

Case study on how Oslo Emergency Clinic implemented digital interaction and task support to support work processes and information sharing.
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